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Remote Starts And Alarms

Start your vehicle from almost anywhere

ICE has a solution for you! Now you have the ability to warm up your vehicle in the cold weather or cool it down in the scorching heat without ever going outside to do it.  ICE has a complete line of CompuStar remote starts that can include the comfort of alarm security.

Basic remotes starts can get you started with all of their amazing features including:

  • Lock/unlock
  • Shock sensor
  • External siren
  • Trunk release
  • Diesel feature built-in
  • Remote start
  • Starting at a 1000 foot range

Do you want a little more luxury when starting your car?  Then try one of our high end remote start systems.  These features can include all the basic features above and:

  • Two-way paging remote
  • Multi-color LED screen showing you if your car is running
  • Run time indicator
  • Vibration and audible notification
  • Anti-grind and starter-kill relay
  • Range of up to 6000 feet away


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